Official BTHS Alumni Association - If you’re not a member, you should be.  (Alumni Store - T Shirts, etc.)

Yahoo Groups: 1981 Tech Alumni Reunion - Another reunion site, being held July 2006. Brooklyn Tech - Almost 16,000 alumns from all years, and yet another reunion: ’82. Brooklyn Tech - Some very interesting history and facts about Tech. - The amazing auditorium, being renovated (did you know it was built to hold the entire occupancy of the school? 4200 seats!).

MapQuest map - The neighborhood. Corner of Dekalb Avenue and Brooklyn Tech Place, backed by South Elliot Place.

Google Local - Satellite map of the school and the park. Amazing! Try dragging the image around a little. BTHS items for sale - Who knows what you’ll find here. - N-Train art / animation on the walls of the abandones Myrtle Avenue station in Brooklyn, just before the Manhattan Bridge crossing.