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In October 1988, several Tech Parkies organized a three-band live concert -- rave style -- at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. It was a huge success. 320 signatures were gathered at the door. A $10 door fee provided free flowing beer from kegs. There was also a cash bar for mixed drinks.

The party was conceived and organized by Rat; the location was found by Mik (it was the location for Underground, a low-budget movie that he and Bonze worked on that summer) who also directed and edited the video; the electricity was wired by Ray and his friend Gary, who also found the lighting -- actual highway overheads. Ian rented the PA and put it together with Gary.

The three live bands were Arbitrage, a jazz-fusion band from Connecticut (friends of Mik); ASD, a thrash band featuring Tech alumns Ian Muller, Andrew Muller and Adam "Bonz" Gilligan; and Gunpowder Stories, a blues band from Forest Hills (friends of Ian and Andrew). There was also a Wet T-Shirt Contest during the ASD portion of the evening. Soooookyyyy!!!

The 2-hour video also includes footage of Rat, Ian, Mik, Gunnar, Bonz, Ray and a few friends cleaning up before the show and generally hanging around and drinking beer.

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