Catching Up: General Discussion
Zzyzx - Thu, Oct 23, 2014, 4:30 P
So, Let’s Some Catching Up!
Let me get the big one out of the way: I filed for divorce a couple weeks ago. No, it's a good thing, we both agree on, and we're handling it with a "no fangs" approach. Trying to set a good example for the kid - that you handle conflict peacefully, and that we're not breaking up the family, just the marriage.

I had been pretty depressed for a couple of years, isolating myself in front of various screens. My entire social life was spent on IRC bullshitting with people I know in SoCal. Then, about 6 months ago when it became clear that the split was imminent, I had a scary vision: sitting alone in an apartment with a vaporizor and a bottle of Jameson, playing GTA every night. I decided "fuck that" and shouted out to a local subreddit, asking where the best dives in town were. Next thing I knew, I was organizing events at Our group's motto is "Use the Internet to get off the Internet!"

Here's a shot from a road trip we did to the PSE wind farm, about 130 miles East of me.

Other than that, just keeping my head above water, trying to stay one step ahead of a smart-ass thirteen year old!

Who's next?