Catching Up: General Discussion
nyd - Sun, Mar 13, 2011, 12:17 A
Hey Martin. I thought I had gotten used to the quakes in Japan, but this was a whopper! I was on the fifth floor of a fairly old building and that sucker shook like a strippers ass for at least three minutes! It felt like a whole lot longer. The next shock came about ten minutes later, it was a 7.2, and that got us scurrying out of the building. We all jumped in my van and watched the building sway for the next half an hour or so.
I live in the mountains so there wasn't any worry about floods. We had a few rock slides, but for the most part the city fared well.
Aftershocks were pretty strong...still are, but whiskey makes sleep possible ;)

I ain't too sure if they are gonna let us back into the building....It's slated for demolition in a year and this might just have moved the date up a couple of months.

Thanks bro,